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SysKod has provided software as a service since 2003 in line with the needs of accommodation facilities operating in the hospitality sector.


SysKod, established in order to produce high-quality products, available to the market, and provide training and support for the software products.

The concept of digital business, in line with the needs of accommodation facilities and the hospitality sector, offers knowledge, customer satisfaction, oriented working principles and expert strategies. Digital businesses have been developed since 2003, with SysKod, specialisms within the Property Management and Restaurant Management systems are profound, with long lasting industry knowledge and constant on-going research and development.

SysKod PMS uses future proof technologies.
SysKod PMS has 24/7, uninterrupted support via our technical support team, who hold the experience to solve and support customers needs.
The outstanding modules of SysKod PMS are all singular products that facilities may need, they are all gathered under one roof.
SysKod PMS is an advanced system, and is able to perform many tasks, whether it be a small boutique facility, or a large multi resort business.

Syskod PMS Modules

SysKod PMS, simple and unlimited opportunities, it meets all the services you need.



The reception module holds daily operations such as the front office, cash transactions, entrance/exits and room blockages, it is an easy way to execute these tasks.


The reservation module allows for data to be imported from any booking website to make processes faster, whether it be an individual or group. The reservation module insures direct integration from all online or offline channels.

Sales And Marketing

The sales and marketing module contains many sales tools such as contracts, discounts, and occupancy tracking.


Budget is a module that presents the expenses as a projection with realistic data, revenue is planned ahead allowing for total control going forward.

Work Management

Work management module can follow many tasks, such as fault reporting and following up facility tasks.

Activity Planning

Activity planning is used to ensure the functioning of various activities and services offered in the facility. Additionally, it can implement operations such as meeting room usages, reservation tracking and pricing of the facilities a la carte restaurant.


The CRM module includes the preparation and reporting of the questionnaires. The CRM defines the profile of guests, it builds customer loyalty, and it evaluates all the services.


SyskodPOS allows for all processes to be carried out, from product sales, cost control to warehouse stocks.


The reports module makes clear and accurate data accessible to the facility. Reports can be routinely received and sent to anybody in the facility, in many different formats.

Mailing / SMS

Mailing and SMS lets facilities reach their current or potential customers by E-mail or SMS. The facility can send advertising content, singular content, or bulk content.


Loyalty includes different applications to ensure guest satisfaction and loyalty to the facility. Loyalty card includes many features e.g. Points.


E-Payment offers 3D secure payments from any channel, direct to the facility.


The integration module links switchboards, door card systems, pay TV, hotspot, and smart building systems, it is possible to manage everything in a facility from a single source.

Booking Engine

Booking Engine lets reservations to be completed via a facilities website without paying commissions.

Mobile B2C

Mobile B2C lets all services which are provided to guests, be completed via a mobile application or browser. Mobile B2C allows for WhatsApp integration and data matrix code usage.

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