Distributing SysKod Optimum Software Solutions

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Distributing SysKod Optimum Software Solutions

Here at SysKod, we have a robust network of individuals and companies, which work with us in specific territories all around the world. Each of these Territory Distributors, are crucial to unlocking a particular international space for SysKod. This network allows us to spread our products internationally, all while giving the optimum support to our customers, twenty-four hours seven-days a week.


What is a Territory Distributor?

A Territory Distributor is seen as a frontrunner of a certain area or country, their aim is to expand SysKod into this new region, they approach new clients, customers and even business partners where necessary. The Territory Distributor will approach a target audience, conversing with them, demoing the products, quoting the customer on the price and plan, overall selling the product, and gaining SysKod new customers. The distributor will also be eyes-on-the-ground, for the SysKod technical team, if the team need physical support, the distributor can offer this, while giving the best possible customer service.

This effort put into the territory, will be seen as development, growth, and advantageous for SysKod, the more SysKod grows in this area, the more the distributor will become established as the key contact for customers within the region. Whichever business is completed in this territory, the Territory Distributor, will receive their fair share, SysKod prefers a mutually beneficial agreement to be set out from the get-go, meaning the ongoing relationship is based on trust and value.

Any potential distributors can be guaranteed that no internal competition will be faced in a certain area, indicating once a territory distributor is determined, they will hold the license to the region.


What does SysKod look for?

SysKod looks for an individual or company which is recognised in the software, technology digital space. An individual or company which is a part of, or has a proven network within the area chosen to distribute in. This individual or company, may be experienced in the industries which SysKod works within, or they may be looking to diversify their portfolio of products by distributing for SysKod.

Overall, we look for some particular characteristics: Drive, Knowledge, Communication and Networking ability.


How can I become a Territory Distributor?

Becoming a Territory Distributor involves a few simple steps, the first one is to approach us, this can be through our form on our partner page via the website, or you can simply email us here stating you would like to distribute SysKod software solutions, explain who you are, or the company you represent, and let us know your proposed Territory.

From then on, we will organise an introductory meeting with one of our team, this allows us to get to know you, as well as you us. We will then demonstrate the software’s proposed, prepare a training schedule, and establish you/your company, into the territory over a period of time.

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